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Aaryan Koura, MD, FACS, is a bariatric surgeon with 15 years of experience. Dr. Aaryan Koura sub-specialties are Surgical Critical Care, Vascular Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Trauma Surgery. more »

Barry Sanchez MD, is a trained and certified operator of the daVinci Robotic Surgical System. Dr. Barry Sanchez is also an Award Trauma Life Support Instructor and performs Laparoscopic & Open Roux-en-Y gastric bypass more »

Horacio Asbun, MD, was appointed as the Assistant Professor of surgery at the University of California. With over 24 years of experience and having written 22 publications, Dr. Horacio Asbun specializes in many different more »

Myriam Curet, MD, has written over 50 publications and has been a bariatric surgeon for over 25 years. Dr. Myriam Curet graduated in 1982 from the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. more »

Robert Zane, MD, has over 20 years of experience as a bariatric surgeon. Dr. Robert Zane graduated in 1987 from the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. more »

Stanley Klein, MD, graduated in 1976 from the University Of California School Of Medicine in La Jolla, CA. Dr. Stanley Klein is a bariatric surgeon with more than 31 years of experience. more »

Basil Meyerowitz, MD, FACS, has written over 37 publications. Dr. Basil Meyerowitz graduated in 1952 from the University Of The Witwatersrand. more »

F. Daniel Huacuz G., MD, has been a bariatric surgeon for the past 11 years. Dr. F. Daniel Huacuz G. graduated in 1994 from U.M.S.H Dr. Ignacio Chavez in Morelia Michoacan. more »

Mark Sawicki, MD, is one of the leading experts on Pancreatic Cancer (Pancreatic Neoplasm) in the nation. Dr. Mark Sawicki graduated in 1987 from the Medical College Of Georgia School Of Medicine in Augusta, more »

Mark Nickols, MD, FACS, graduated in 1985 from the Moscow Medical Institute in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Mark Nickols specializes in Gastric Bypass Gastrojejunostomy, Laproscopic Surgery Laparoscopy, Pancreas inflammation and Pancreatitis. more »