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William Fuller, MD, is a bariatric surgeon that graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1999. Dr. William Fuller started his practice in 2005 and specializes in Gastric Bypass Gastrojejunostomy. more »

John Yadegar, MD, graduated from the University College London in 1991 and specializes in LAP-BAND, Roux-en-Y and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures. Dr. John Yadegar has had many years of experience practicing with other well-known more »

John Morton, MD, is one of America's leading bariatric surgeons specializing in morbid obesity, laparoscopy and gastric bypass. Dr. John Morton has been performing bariatric surgery since July 2001 and has received many awards more »

Robert McKeen, MD, FACS, graduated from Georgetown University - Washington, D.C. in 1987. Dr. Robert McKeen has had many years of specialized training and is an Gastric Bypass Gastrojejunostomy expert. more »

Ninh Nguyen, MD, is a bariatric surgeon who specializes in treating Gastrointestinal Cancer. Dr. Ninh Nguyen graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 1991 and proceeded to receive a General Surgery more »

Matt Glascock, MD, FACS, is a general surgeon specializing in advanced laparoscopic, general and weight loss surgery. Dr. Matt Glascock is the Medical Director at the Covenant Clinic located in Cedar Falls, IA. more »

Bengt Pehrsson, MD, FACS, obtained his medical degree at the University of Munich in West Germany in 1975. Dr. Bengt Phersson is currently the only surgeon performing laparoscopic revisions of bariatric surgery in the more »

Deron Ludwig, MD, is a bariatric surgeon with 17 years of experience. Dr. Deron Ludwig graduated from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California in 1994. Some of the surgeries Dr. Deron Ludwig performed more »

Douglas M. Krahn, MD, FACS, is a bariatric surgeon who has performed life altering surgeries such as Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Lap Banding and Abdominoplasty or commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. Some more »

Troy LaMar, MD, is a bariatric surgeon who earned his medical degree in 1992 at University Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI. Dr. Troy LaMar has been performing Roux-en-Y surgery since 2001 and has been partnered with Dr. Bengt more »