Bariatric Surgeon Reviews

Read, compare and find weight loss surgeons in United States, Canada and Mexico. We have over 200+ bariatric surgeons listed.


John Rabkin, MD, FACS, is a bariatric surgeon practicing in San Francisco, California. Dr. John Rabkin has 10 years of weight loss surgery experience, after graduating from Boston University in 1992. more »


Mir Ali, MD, FACS, is a bariatric surgeon who is well-rehearsed in Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese. Dr. Mir Ali completed his residency at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and he has more »


Albert Im, MD, graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Dr. Albert Im recently joined the staff at the Richmond Medical Center Surgery, but has had extensive experience working overseas and in more »


F. Daniel Huacuz G., MD, has been a bariatric surgeon for the past 11 years. Dr. F. Daniel Huacuz G. graduated in 1994 from U.M.S.H Dr. Ignacio Chavez in Morelia Michoacan. more »


Maureen Martin, MD, FACS, graduated in 1982 from the McGill University in Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Dr. Maureen Martin has over 25 years of experience and specializes in Gastric Bypass Gastrojejunostomy, Liver Diseases and more »